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CRH Ventures Accelerator for Water Solutions

Introducing an exciting new initiative from CRH Ventures. This May, we are launching our first-ever accelerator programme, specifically designed to identify emerging and disruptive start-ups in the Contech and ClimateTech community to partner with and accelerate their development.

Seeking to address global challenges by driving forward innovative solutions,  our first programme will focus on water technology. The accelerator programme will fast-track the most promising water solutions providing the opportunity to collaborate with our experts and demonstrate success at scale.

Aligned with CRH's focus on advancing solutions to solve global water challenges, our Water Solutions Accelerator will cover three areas:

• Stormwater: Including biofiltration, erosion control, flood detection, and green roof
• Wastewater: covering plant treatment, effluent treatment, on-site treatment, greywater reuse
• Potable Water: encompassing leak detection, contaminate monitoring, and efficient supply

CRH Ventures is seeking collaborations with companies that have the capacity to pilot their solutions in CRH operations across North America and Europe. The programme will consist of three to six pilots, offering companies the opportunity to work with industry experts across 200+ brands, leverage our 50+ years of operational excellence, and operate at scale.

The Accelerator will be run in partnership with Impulse Partners, an independent consulting firm specialising in corporate venture and start-up acceleration programmes. With offices in Paris, the UK, the US, and Italy, Impulse currently serves 150+ clients in 20+ countries and has extensive experience in the construction industry.

Here's what to expect from our challenge:
Start-ups can apply for the programme via the CRH Ventures website. Evaluations will take place in June 2023, and pilots will commence in July and run through to October 2023. All pilot and travel expenses will be covered by the accelerator programme.  After completing the pilots, start-ups will participate in a Demo Day where they'll present their results to CRH. Based on these results, CRH Ventures will determine the next steps for potentially scaling the partnerships and will consider investing in the companies with the most successful pilots.

We're excited to see what innovative solutions emerge from this programme and look forward to collaborating with the brightest minds in the water sector.